Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Stupidity I Encounter Everyday on Facebook...

I have become more and more confused about why I belong to Facebook. I can be pretty arrogant and obnoxious, but at least I'm not an illiterate fucking retard. Seriously, if you want to discuss topics, the least you could do is read some goddamn books.

Join a book club. Go to school. Use the fucking internet. I'm continually fascinated at how much time I waste talking to dipshits about politics, religion, and social issues when it is clear they have no ground on which to stand.

Yes, I've read some Karl Marx. That's how I can tell you that Obama is not a socialist. And then you make fun of me for it? And you're raising kids? Someone should have stepped on the eggs.

The more I encounter the general population, the more I realize that having less of a conscience means I could be rich like Limblob or Hannity. And if you're the kind of idiot that watches that shit and thinks you're getting anything but a cock full of propaganda shoved in your ass, there is no hope for you...

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Mikey D said... were on a tear there. You should go public with a Pirate radio station and perhaps finish educating the moronic masses!