Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Official!

I am officially done with facebook. I have "deactivated" my account which is a problem. that means your profile is still there if you choose to come back. I don't like that. I mean, does it bother anyone that everything you say and do on that thing is archived and saved forever? I'm done.

I am going to miss the super-awesome stories about your dog chasing birds and taking a nap, being at a restaurant with your kids, or checking in at a fucking airport. Really? Does your life suck that bad? Is it THAT boring. Can't you post shit about the dirtiest thing you did last weekend? You're already exposing every other personality and character flaw on that thing--I'm referring to your desperate posts to get attention, the drama queens, and your lack of education and ability to spell. So, show me your tits. That's really all anyone wants to see anyway.

With all that said, I've decided to coin a phrase for the average douchebag facebook user based on being uninteresting, unfunny, and generally annoying all while have no idea that you are a waste of skin.

It is a condition I like to call: Can't Undo Narcissistic Tendencies Yourself. That's right kids...CUNTY is the newest psychological disorder facebook forces upon you. Yes, I have a blog that's ALL about me and my thoughts, but aside from the few who know me personally, this is supposed to be significantly more anonymous and I would like to keep it that way.

This is only going to get worse...


Auntie Jane said...
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Auntie Jane said...

I agree about the narcissistic nature of most people's posts on facebook. You know I'm an avid user and I love posting random thoughts, etc. But there was a time last winter I came very close to deleting my Facebook page. It was the people I was closest to that were making me sick... I couldn't stand the self portraits uploaded from their phones while in their car, at their desk, showing off whatever new facial expression had been practiced in the mirror that morning... the top fans of the week became such a big deal that I was hearing about it offline as well as online... so I completely boycotted the pages of those who kept them up.

I try not to "police" people on their status updates, etc. But my friend did post a fantastic update one day, "There's a fine line between 'I should post that on faceboook' and 'I should see a therapist about that'." lol but then again, I now hide people that I feel continually post emo updates. If I don't like their content, I hide them.

Then again, some people hate it when all their friends talk about is politics or post random news articles... you know what I say to that? HIDE ME! I probably already hid you anyway! :)

Auntie Jane said...
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The Blunt Matt said...

I hear that. I always found it odd that people would tell me they hate politics and then would turn around and bitch about Obama.

We're all a bit narcissistic. I'm really just making jokes and hoping people laugh. I was just shocked at the generally vapid posts from people I've known for so many years.

I'll miss some of it and maybe I'll be back on someday. But for now, I've grown tired of people fishing for compliments and I'm done.

I was really hoping it would be more about exchanging ideas and discussing things that matter. Turns out most of us just want to get drunk and post pictures of our junk online... :(

And who deleted their comments?