Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yes...This Is Where You Will Find Me...

So, I am again done with facebook. It's gay and I am starting to hate people more than normal so you will find me drunk and brooding here. For the people who know me personally, I need you to keep in mind that this is intended to be somewhat anonymous. That means not referring to me by name and shit. Or the girlfriend.

Also, I am going to be saying some pretty offensive things so please keep in mind that nothing is directed at you personally--unless you're a self-absorbed asshole and think the world (and this shitty blog) revolves around you. It does not. So if talking about skanks, fags, retards, fucking Asian drivers, modelling your 5 year old daughter to prepare her for the world of gold-digging whoredom, your fake religion, or ignorant idea of politics bothers you, please refrain from thinking it's personal. And if you must comment, say what you want but keep in mind that I will not be deleting anything and I encourage a somewhat cordial exchange.

Shit's about to get real. Or whatever the fuck that means.

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