Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time Warner Sucks...

So, I have been forced to be a Time Warner customer for about 7 years now and i have to say it is the worst piece of shit cable service the world may ever know.

Their DVR's last about a year before they stop working. and that means you have to not only re-program them every time you get a new one, but you lose all the shit you haven't watched up until that point. And, they charge $15 per month for the privilege to use their shitty equipment.

You can never talk to anyone who actually has the ability to get shit done. They have accidentally shut my service down twice because their techs got the wrong address. And, both times, it took them 3 days to get back out to fix it.

And the channel lineup is all over the fucking place. At channel 83 they go into repeat mode and then new channels start all the way at 123. What kind of chimp made that decision?

I am not sure what kind of idiots are running the show over there, but I want to be an executive too since there appears to be little in the way of work you actually have to do there.

They don't carry the NFL Network. They made FuelTV a subscription service that also includes the Asian Channel. Why the fuck would I want the Asian channel? I can get that shit for free on internet AND that usually involves petite women going ATM.

And, I get all this shitty service for $125 per month.

Seriously, if anyone from Time Warner reads this I would love to chat about it. Except for the Asian stuff. I've already come to terms with that and it was messy...

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Mat L said...

When I was working in audio/video Time Warner cable boxes were just a nightmare. We were always having to replace those piles of shit. It was almost a monthly ordeal for some of the clients. I thought my DirecTv DVR was slow until I used the Time Warner DVR, what a pile. Then half the time when you would change channels the audio would quit for about 5-10 seconds which feels like an eternity.