Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Political Future is Fucked...

The mere that Michelle Bachmann is even mentioned as a serious contender in 2012 is all the evidence you need that people are stupid and our political system has hit rock bottom. There are a few million people who think she can win and are actually supporting her.

This is the kind of cunt who says that Washington is full of corrupt politicians and it's a horrible place, yet wants to be president and spend even MORE time there. Are you idiots fucking blind? She has blasted government waste yet has a stake in her father in law's farm that receives subsidies from the same government and people don't seem to care.

She thinks John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father. Just look it up.

She has said that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery.

She is all that is wrong with our political system because people actually say, "Well, she's better than Obama". Is she? You think Obama is an embarrassment to America? Put that bitch in the White House and see what happens.

As soon as you start playing the "lesser of two evils" game, we are fucked. And if you continue to vote for someone based on how bad the current guy is, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Read a book. Join a fucking book club if you need help. But please, don't vote if you're too lazy and stupid to know who, what, and why you are voting...


Mat L said...
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Mat L said...

Her gaffes are nowhere near our 59 state gaffe master douche bag in chief who even with a teleprompter still can’t get shit right. It’s ironic that democrats used to complain about Bush causing a deficit. Yet the current douche bag in chief has pissed away more money in three years then all our pervious years combined and all we hear now is crickets. Now that’s a lot of years going back all the way to George Washington.

Reading a book doesn’t mean shit, if you are not careful you will just end up spewing someone else’s lies. Example: I wonder how many history books contain the Yamamoto sleeping giant quote? Which is absolutely false.

I haven’t looked into the subsidies her fathers law firm gets from the government, but nonetheless I wouldn’t classify that a government waste. Government waste is more along the lines of the pigford settlement BS and sending checks to dead people and all the other outright fraud.

We are fucked now, our political future does look bright as long as we don’t elect another spending douche bag in chief.

The Blunt Matt said...

Allow me to retort...

Saying she is "not as bad" is precisely the point I'm making. Obama is a douche and I don't want to understate that. But Bachmann is nothing but a fucking dipshit from the other side of the aisle and I don't know why anyone would accept that.



I'll save you the time on this one. And notice she's in front of a TPT. Is it only okay if a Republican uses it?

As to the book comments, I'm not talking about reading Ann Coulter or Michael Moore. I'm talking about books that stand up to historical analysis and peer review. None of those types of real history works quote Yamamoto. In the past I had mistakenly quoted it and rectified it through research. And now that we have the internet, such things are simple to find. Best sellers are not the best books. People like Richard Hofstadter are more in line with what I'm referring to.

Those kinds of misquotes only make it worse. It's almost as bad as claiming Obama has spent more than his 43 predecessors without having done any research on the matter. :)

Mat L said...

Instead of reading books I just wait until they make the movie, it’s the American way for me at least. :)

I did a little research on the debt, although I didn’t take the time to fact check the facts.


The Blunt Matt said...

Reagan might be the shittiest example for anything related to debt. Don't forget that he was the same guy who tripled the "debt held by the public" in his 8 years.

I also didn't see anything "adjusted for inflation" with regards to the difference. The problem with organizations like CNS News is that they are not news at all, but partisan bullshit that really only justifies being a Republican. There is little in the way of journalism going on over there that I can see. Unless I missed something?

As for the Heritage.org piece, I'm not sure that said anything viable to the discussion. Plus, the Heritage Foundation is not even remotely quiet about their leanings so the bias isn't what I would call balanced. However, the comments from the fucking retards on that site did make my day...